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A public domain book is one that was never subjcct to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expircd. On the judgment passed by soldicrs and on the varying practice in the matter of things captured by the enemy 4. Whcthcr a book is in thc public domain may vary country to country. That property sure to be taken is not held as takcn and acquircd by the enemy 5. Whethcr it is lawful to conduct an enemy captive through another'9 tcrritory 7. This fact may explain in part the comparatively large number of errors which the text seems to show. Occasionally a law is cited not by its number, but by its first word. And it was thought that here in the domain of a com- mon friend they do not become free, because the law does not speak of " a common friend " but expressly mentions " our friend." ^ Indeed " our " may mean something quite difl Ferent from " common," and this opinion is generally held by the doctors.

Do not assumc that just bccausc wc bclicvc a book is in thc public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countrics. Of an ambassador acting for the subjccts of his King t S' Of punishing thc fault of a magistrate '20.

Googlc Book Scarch hclps rcadcrs discovcr thc world's books whilc hclping authors and publishcrs rcach ncw audicnccs. Passage-money is owed for the Turks captured by the Tuscan on an English ship [* The numbers in brackets rcfer to pages of this translation.] pagi^ X 1 : 3] 5 1 : 7] XX 1 [14] 14 1 x8 [ :i7i :2x] 21 1 :a4] 26 1 3» 1 : «9] :3ii 37 1 44 1 47 1 :4o] :47] :5o] 50 1 :54] 54 1 :58] 6x 66 1 : 70] 68 [ :73] 7» 1 : 77] 74 [ :8o] 77 1 :83] 80 1 :87j 95 1 : 99] xox 1 :io4] X05 [ xo S] XX2 1 :i«5] XI4 [ :"7] xx6 [ :"9j "9 [ : X22] 65] 123 [125] [xivj IZ Getttili*s Pleas of a Spanish Advocate 2. Of making an instrument to covcr a dcbt, and of rclcasing sureties.. Of an action for possession to covcr the retention of property; of cancel- ing a sequestration ; of a juratory bond, and of accepting ccrtain bondsmen [xvil i S.

You can scarch through thc full icxi of ihis book on thc wcb at |http : //books . com/| l EUf DSl ANr SRDj; UNIVERSITV Publications of the Camegie Endowment for Intemational Peace Division of International Law Wa Bhinftton THE CLASSICS OF INTERNATIONAL LAW BDITED BY James Brown Scott Member of the Institute of International Law President of the American Institute of International Law HISPANICAE ADVOCATIONIS LIBRI DVO By Alberico Gentili VOL. A Translation of the Text, by Frank Frost Abbott, with an Index of Authors prepared by Arthur Williams. 9 of "The Classics of Intema- tional Law" A list of the numbers already published is given at ihe end of this volume. In a few cases the Digest is cited by the symbol ff, as in the Advocatio Il.where /• injuriarum. On not appcaling from a dccision given in a suit for posscssion 19. A letter to a theologian, a legate of the church, urges that the con- tested property be sold 23.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we liave taken stcps to prcvcnt abusc by commcrcial partics, including placing tcchnical rcstrictions on automatcd qucrying. Articles sold in Brazil in violation of the law are sought in England by the Spanish fiscus 14.

Wc also ask that you: Make non-commercial use ofthefiles Wc dcsigncd Googlc Book Scarch for usc by individuals, and wc rcqucst that you usc thcsc filcs for personal, non-commercial purposes. Whcthcr the King may rightfully dccide that Spaniards who have bccn roughly handled by the Dutch off a port of the King may sail in safety to Belgium 15.

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