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Many people provided counter-examples in the comments.My personal experience also tells me that dating in Japan is completely feasible and a lot of my friends seem to be doing OK with dating here.In particular, non-Japanese guys tend to disagree because they don’t think it’s easy to date Japanese girls. Overall, does it mean that it’s hard to date Japanese people regardless of your gender? If you are in a foreign country with a completely different culture, it is logical that you might have a hard time dating.Dating often involves a lot of hidden rules and non-verbal cues.Because it was his birthday I decided to go for a final attack and made a personal present for him.’ Her strategy was ‘push, push and push’, which was obviously not working. ‘I bought an empty book and filled it with the story of my love for him.How I fell in love with him and about all the things I like about him.But such an emotionally loaded gift would only work if he was already madly in love with her.

I came across a blog post by zoomingjapn, a German girl living in Japan, writing about dating in Japan as a foreigner. She writes, ‘It is comparably easy for a western foreign man to find a Japanese woman or to have a nice relationship here in Japan’, but ‘it is extremely tough to find a date as a foreign woman here in Japan.’ Her story is interesting in itself but the most interesting part of the article is the huge number of comments gets – 162 comments (or about 30,000 words! A lot of people who commented actually disagree with her.There was also one page with a drawing of his face. Why doesn’t she understand that I’m not interested?The book ended with telling him that I was still willing to date him even though he turned me down with this obvious excuse of working in the same team. I want her to stop doing embarrassing things in front of people but I don’t know how. Hopefully it will stop as time goes by.’ She was giving emotional gifts he couldn’t reciprocate, and that put him under a lot of pressure and made him uneasy.I wrote him many cute love letters in Japanese and English but he didn’t reply for many months.After some time I finally asked him in person and he told me that he can’t date me because we work in the same team.’ Clearly, he was not interested but she wasn’t giving up. I made him a Bento, baked a cake for him and organized a super-fun birthday party for him a few weeks ago.

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I have noticed that cute girls tend to be quite bad at approaching guys. She is studying computer science and surrounded by a lot of guys.

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