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Dressed in a hoody and ripped jeans, he bowed his head as he walked past photographers waiting for him outside court this afternoon.

We know that you wonder what are all these Beautiful Ukrainian and Russian women doing on the internet?

At another court hearing, Miss Davis said Mc Connell suspected her of a lesbian affair and a fling with a fireman as he attacked her at her home in March.

She described the assault 'like something out of a horror movie', adding that Mc Connell threatened to smash a bottle over his head.

Mc Connell's jail sentence followed a high profile trial where he was found guilty of attacking former Hollyoaks star Miss Davis, 24, at her home in Rainhill, Merseyside in March, this summer.

During proceedings in August, a judge said Mc Connell had shown no remorse for the attack on his ex-girlfriend or the impact it must have had on their son, Caben.

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